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Black List for: All Countries

This list is meant to warn the community of fraudulent sellers based on personal accounts from trusted sources.


If you want to add to this list, please
ebay id: farbod


This individual (farbod) sells counterfeit items on ebay

Dear friends,

As a friendly notice and reminder, be aware that some sellers on ebay attempt to sell counterfeit collector items while misrepresenting them as genuine. Visit my store at eBay to view an item sold to me through ebay by a seller with id: (farbod). Do NOT buy it or any similar items

Read carefully in the description my experience. I appreciate your feedback and support to protect our hobby. He has been selling 1000's of FAKE notes on ebay.. has been taken to court at least once.. has been reported to ebay hundreds of times, ebay does nothing... go to Armen Hovsepian's website to see more on this issue. I appreciate your feedback.

Yours in hobby,


Feel like warning the community?

If you would like to share information on a fraudulent seller please email us and we will investigate your claim. Should it prove to be useful to fellow banknote collectors/dealers your report will be added to the list. Address your email to info [at] with subject "Black List". Include the following: