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Black List for: Turkey

This list is meant to warn the community of fraudulent sellers based on personal accounts from trusted sources.


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Country: Turkey


ebay id ( istanbulnumismatik )

Address :-

Elif Sahin
Bahariye Caddesi Kafkas Pasaji no 37 / 12
Istanbul 34710


Dear Banknote Collectors,

On Apr. 24, 2005, I paid the above mentioned gentleman US$275 via pay pal and sent to him some notes of mine worth US$550 bringing the total value paid by me to US$825.

He was supposed to send me the following:
1] EGYPT 50 pound 1945

2] EGYPT 100 pound 1945


He never sent the items.

I contacted Paypal, they investigated my claim and Paypal decided in my favour but could only help me recover the amount paid through Paypal (US$ 275).

My problem is:

1] He has NO balance with Paypal now.

2] I have also sent him notes worth US$550

I have contacted all banknote dealers I know in Turkey to mediate but with no positive results.
If anyone has any other information about this thief, please send it in to update this post in order to protect other potential victims.

I appreciate your feedback.

Yours in hobby,


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