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Black List for: Israel

This list is meant to warn the community of fraudulent sellers based on personal accounts from trusted sources.


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Tarek Alnajjar

Country: Israel


I'd like to bring your attention to a Fraudulent eBay seller and get your advice if you can help. 

I was cheated by an ebay seller based in Haifa/Israel named Tarek Alnajjar  with the eBay id of pharmatareq ( 221

Update: userid pharmatareq was effective from 20 Sep 2007 to 25 Jan 2010. This thief has since changed his ebay id, it is now godblessdora (Effective date: 25 Jan 2010)

He sold to me a catalogue and 112 coins of Palestine

I have sent him $1250 through pay pal

He sent by DHL an A4 envelope to the address of my son in Austria including few Russian Medical prescription !!!!!

I raised a claim at pay pal but as the order was out of eBay , they do not pay attention to it  !!!!!  

His name is   and address as stated in receipt of DHL

Tarek Alnajar

Haifa Allenby 179 C,

(04-6987133 ) 

It was the first Transaction but as I could see at eBay he has 100% feedback from more than 200


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