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Our goal here at is to provide a friendly online venue to connect paper money enthusiasts from around the world. Collecting banknotes is like an endless trip through different cultures, societies, areas of knowledge, art..... and more.

Banknote collecting is a real investment of time and money if you know what to collect, when, where and how. gives you a helping hand and has been serving the world's banknote collector and dealer community since 2004. Below is a sample of some of the banknotes listed here.

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Set of 2 Croatia Dinar 100,000 & 50,000 UNC Crisp

For sale by: elrl
USD 250.00
INDIA 10 Rs Replacement DS14

For sale by: indianpapermoney
USD 5.00
Portuguese Guinea 100 Escudos 1971

For sale by: jmjm-horn
EUR 75.00
Japanese Invasion Money WWII

For sale by: scylies_13
USD 40.00
IPM-A09 India 1 Rupee P75c B Inset 1957 Unc With P

For sale by: indianpapermoney
USD 10.00
Rare Unc Indian note

For sale by: vijay2710
USD 250,000.00

Collector's Corner

This area has some helpful content for banknote collectors, covering a range of areas:

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10 Shilling

Paraguay 50.000 Guaranies, Series C

Issuing Authority: Banco Central del Paraguay This note of the series C, which was printed in 2005 in France, has a very thrilling history.They were intended to enter circulation in early December 2006, but in response to the theft the Central Bank has canceled this emission of the “C” series. The total value of the theft exceeds US$2.3 million.

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Mehilba World Replacement

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