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Collector's Corner: Accessories - Storing - Packaging - Appraisal - Grading

Banknote Accessories

To be a successful collector or dealer, you may need a few accessories to keep you organized. Determining which accessories you need will depends on the method in which you STORE your notes.

If you decide to keep your banknotes in album form, you will need to purchase ready made albums or plastic sheets and their binders. Make sure you decide how many banknotes per sheet and thus how many sheets you will need before purchasing to avoid buying too few. You may find these items at your local paper goods or scrapbook store. is a great place to purchase your banknote collecting needs. Online dealers include ,, and

You might prefer to store your notes using the drawer or box method. In this case you will need plastic sleeves and drawers or cardboard boxes. Again, before making your purchase, determine the minimum number of sleeves and boxes you will need—buying extra may be useful for newly acquired notes. These items may be located at your local paper goods store or post office. You may be able to find unwanted cardboard boxes at shoe stores s or even supermarkets. If so MAKE SURE THE BOXES ARE COMPLETELY CLEAN. A dirty box may tarnish your notes. Online dealers of boxes and sleeves include