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500,000 Baht Commemorative Banknote 50th Annivesar

Price: USD 65,000.00
Item Owner : PakornAngsanakul
Country : Thailand
Denomination : 500000 BAHT
Grade : UNC
Issue Year : 2000
Pick Number : 919
Special : Commemorative
Signature : Pakorn Angsanakul

*In 2015, a significant number of banknotes were available
for the public to purchase at 1 million baht each, during
the Money Expo Thailand, 2015, and never again since then.

As of August 2018, there are only 327 pieces of this banknote
in circulation in Thailand, most of which I believe are not
in any collect-able serial numbers.,000.htmธนบัตร_500000_บาท

DETAILS of the item
- Banknote size: 12.60 x 20.50 cm.
- The original owner: TT&T Plc, the provincial fixed-line telephone provider,
which has gone dissolved since 2017. There is a proof of purchase and records
to confirm that this banknote is one of their assets that was recently put into
auction in early 2019, and that I have myself acquired it.
But back during the 90’s and the 2000’s, TT&T was quite a big state enterprise,
and this explains why this set of banknote is of a quite prestigious serial number.
(Of course, there are a few of much greater numbers, but definitely even "RARE".)
- It comes with a collector’s outer paper boxset
in a fair condition, due to its years of being under siege.
- Inside is also an inner velvet box, with its lock fallen off.
(However, it is fixable and still within the set as shown.
I would prefer it fixed by a reliant of the new owner.)
- Inside the velvet box, is also a commemorative, 16-page
pamphlet on the King and the Queen (in a very good condition).
- The banknote itself is in the special, original frame as shown,
and made to fit into inner velvet box, as part of the whole set.

Price offer: an equivalent of 2 million baht for a start.
(€58,000 / £52,000 / ¥7,000,000 or US$65,000)

Note: The price is "negotiable" to a degree,
considering its timeliness and appropriateness,
but since this is not sold out of desperation,
an offer too low is unlikely to be accepted.

If this post ever comes across a real banknote collector, as I intend
to do my best for it to be, please at least contact me as soon as possible.

Method of purchase: Since this is a quite rare and quite
high-valued collectible currency, I would suggest that the
interested party contacts me first to discuss about the process.

1. You can come over to Thailand to check the item’s authenticity
with the Bank of Thailand official, then we arrange to hand it over
somewhere appropriate or ready for bringing out, in which case
you can make a payment once it is guaranteed that you can bring it
to where you want it kept. (Please feel free to make suggestions.)
In this case, once the deal is successfully made, I can offer
To cover for part or all of your travelling expense (by negotiation first).

2. We can also make an appointment in the neutral 3rd country with
loosened financial ground rules, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.
and have it checked there and then make transaction.

3. Any other method you see more fit, please feel free to suggest.

I hope it gets passed on the next, worthy owner who’d uplift its values.

PS: Agents or brokers are welcome for contact, too.