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iran Czech 1000 000 rial

Price: USD 490.00
Item Owner : hadi2050
Country : Iran, Islamic Republic of
Denomination : 1000000 RIALS
Grade : UNC

Czech central bank of one million rials Shkhsat:

Nominal fee: 1000,000 rials

Color: light brown is the dominant color of one million rials Czech

Dimensions: 75 in 160 mm

Information on Czech:

1 - Plan of the Czech part of the construction of Persepolis.

2 - Ferdowsi image watermark and left sides of the dough and paper against the Czech light is visible.

3 - A window security thread with posts from 1000,000 to a color hologram is at the heart strings.

4 - hidden security thread paper and then into fluorescent type is written to the Central Bank of Iran.

5 - the visible fibers are scattered in Czech with no visible means.

6 - Brdr on the Persepolis design (IRAN CHEQUE 100) There are hidden by changing the angle of the eye is visible.

8 - a high-security number Farsi part right in front of UV light golden color changes. It also has a serial number (MICR) is left with the ability to control the lower part machining.

10 - Plan (see through type I) 1000,000 pcs on the back and on the left side of Czech Czech vertically and partially by the Czech was published in 1000,000 Nvrdd is fully visible.

11 - Combined Anti-Copy - Plan (see through type II) complex at Persepolis infrastructure orange color copy of a Czech pale brown altered.

Profile of the Czech:
1 - number 100 in the middle left side there is an invisible ultraviolet radiation that is visible.

2 - behind the Czech portions of the UV light will change to green.